Calling All NYC Crafters!

If you live in or around the New York City area and are looking for a unique opportunity to showcase and sell your crafts this holiday season, the New York University Holiday Craft Fair, Hosted by Oxfam, is still looking for vendors!

All types of vendors are welcome, and there is no fee to sell at the event. Oxfam just asks that you give 10% of your sales that day towards Ebola relief. Any why wouldn’t you want to do that anyway?

The event takes place on Wednesday, December 3rd from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. If you are interested in finding about more, check out the event’s Facebook page. Contact Lila at if you are interested in being a part of this butt-kicking event!

New in the Shop: The Dogg Beanie


The Dogg Beanie has landed! This is the first in a new line of super chunky alpaca knits I’m brewing for the upcoming months (winter is coming…). The beanie features a cable running down the front, earflaps, a floofy pom, and braided tassels on either side. Do I need to explain the reference in the name?

Currently this style is only available in black. What other colors do you want to see it in? I’m thinking pink!

Get yours in the shop HERE or on Etsy!

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10 Songs for a Rainy Day


There’s something magical about rainy days. The world gets a little quieter and a little more magical. True, sometimes you do get splashed by a bus or slip in the middle of the street. But in a perfect world, when it rains we would all be inside wearing knitted sweaters and sipping peach tea. Here’s a playlist for that fantasy:

1.) Aphex Twin – Avril 14th

2.) Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

3.) Cold War Kids – Robbers

4.) Devendra Banhart – Daniel

5.) The Beastie Boys – I Don’t Know

6.) Chopin – Etude no. 3 in E major, Op. 10 no. 3, “Tristesse”

7.) Bob Dylan – Corrina, Corrina

8.) Baths – Seaside Town

9.) King Krule РThe Noose of Jah City

10.) Amy Winehouse РOur Day Will Come 

How to Have the Best Week of Autumn Ever

candy corn baby beanie halloween

The Candy Corn Baby Beanie aka the cutest fall accessory–new in the shop!


It’s that extra special extra spooky extra crispy time of year, my friends! This is the prime time of the season to dress, eat, and live pretty flawlessly. Here’s how I plan on doing it:

  • Monday: Monday doesn’t officially start until I sit down at my desk. Any time before that is still prime weekend for the taking. Why not get up a bit earlier this Monday and spend an hour, or even just fifteen minutes, enjoying a delicious latte and a few chapters of a book at a coffee shop near you. I guarantee you’ll feel ten times more energized and positive!
  • Tuesday: I am happy to announce I am relocating within New York City and couldn’t be happier about my new digs! The only downside? Moving is so hard!! So instead of organizing the purchase of 8 million cardboard boxes, I’ve spent more of my time daydreaming about decor. Number one on my wishlist? This lamp!
  • Wednesday: Create a mood board to help inspire your style direction for this upcoming season! Clip magazines, create a Polyvore collage, or even just a Pinterest board. Include clothes, makeup, how-tos…Use it when you wake up and have no idea what to wear!
  • Thursday: Thursday is always my craziest day of the week. Knowing that, it’s important to always carve out a bit of time for self-care and relaxation. This usually involves a quick yoga fix (followed by handfuls of popcorn). My favorite YouTube Yogi is the lovely Adrienne, and her 5 Minute Quick Stress Fix will make even your roughest day bearable.
  • Friday: If you’re trying to look fly A.F. this Friday night, look no further than LimeCrime’s new Venus Grunge Palette. Have you ever laid eyes on anything babe-lier? If so, please alert me because I’m pretty sure that this is the pinnacle.
  • Saturday: Whip up a batch of these insanely delicious-looking Curry Beet Pancakes from Crafty Little Coco. She always has the healthiest and creative recipes! For a snack, use this wonderfully simple gingerbread cookie recipe from the New York Times. We promise you won’t be intimidated by cardamom ever again! Follow up this mini-feast with a binge watch of Gilmore Girls and Rick & Morty. Trust me, they compliment each other more than you would think.
  • Sunday: Oh snap! Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have your costume together yet? I am reluctant to say, my dog’s Pope costume is deep in the works, but I have yet to sew a stitch on mine. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out these flawless feminist costume ideas: Here // Here // and Here

Yep, life is looking pretty great from here!