How to Have the Best Week of Autumn Ever

candy corn baby beanie halloween

The Candy Corn Baby Beanie aka the cutest fall accessory–new in the shop!


It’s that extra special extra spooky extra crispy time of year, my friends! This is the prime time of the season to dress, eat, and live pretty flawlessly. Here’s how I plan on doing it:

  • Monday: Monday doesn’t officially start until I sit down at my desk. Any time before that is still prime weekend for the taking. Why not get up a bit earlier this Monday and spend an hour, or even just fifteen minutes, enjoying a delicious latte and a few chapters of a book at a coffee shop near you. I guarantee you’ll feel ten times more energized and positive!
  • Tuesday: I am happy to announce I am relocating within New York City and couldn’t be happier about my new digs! The only downside? Moving is so hard!! So instead of organizing the purchase of 8 million cardboard boxes, I’ve spent more of my time daydreaming about decor. Number one on my wishlist? This lamp!
  • Wednesday: Create a mood board to help inspire your style direction for this upcoming season! Clip magazines, create a Polyvore collage, or even just a Pinterest board. Include clothes, makeup, how-tos…Use it when you wake up and have no idea what to wear!
  • Thursday: Thursday is always my craziest day of the week. Knowing that, it’s important to always carve out a bit of time for self-care and relaxation. This usually involves a quick yoga fix (followed by handfuls of popcorn). My favorite YouTube Yogi is the lovely Adrienne, and her 5 Minute Quick Stress Fix will make even your roughest day bearable.
  • Friday: If you’re trying to look fly A.F. this Friday night, look no further than LimeCrime’s new Venus Grunge Palette. Have you ever laid eyes on anything babe-lier? If so, please alert me because I’m pretty sure that this is the pinnacle.
  • Saturday: Whip up a batch of these insanely delicious-looking Curry Beet Pancakes from Crafty Little Coco. She always has the healthiest and creative recipes! For a snack, use this wonderfully simple gingerbread cookie recipe from the New York Times. We promise you won’t be intimidated by cardamom ever again! Follow up this mini-feast with a binge watch of Gilmore Girls and Rick & Morty. Trust me, they compliment each other more than you would think.
  • Sunday: Oh snap! Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have your costume together yet? I am reluctant to say, my dog’s Pope costume is deep in the works, but I have yet to sew a stitch on mine. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out these flawless feminist costume ideas: Here // Here // and Here

Yep, life is looking pretty great from here!


New in the Shop: Keep Your Dog and Your Boobs Warm

dog cute dog puppy dachshund dog scarf

The Hare & Anser Shop (which, by the way, is now also on Etsy!) is stocking up for winter! This past week we introduced a few new extra cozy styles that we hope will knock your socks off.

The Mickey Beanie

The Mickey Beanie

The Mickey Beanie is heavy-weight, double-pommed wonder. The intergalactic blue colorblocked with black makes for a surprisingly versatile neutral. As always, the poms are removable so you can customize it any way you want.

bra knitted bra lingerie kathleen kathleen hannah punk riot grrrl feminist indie

The Kathleen Bra

The Kathleen Bra is your ultimate solution to looking smokin’ hot whether you’re lounging at home or going out. We’re not kidding! Throw a cardigan or denim jacket over this baby, pair it with some high waisted jeans, or our Pleated Skirt (as pictured) and no one will be able to deny your fabulousness. Did we mention that regular bras suck and wool is amazing?

puppies dogs cowl scarf dog clothes sweater winter dogwear pet apparel

The K9 Cowl

The wait is over! The K9 Cowl has finally arrived! No dog shall be left un-toasty! The cowl can be worn around the neck (as our lovely model Klaus is demonstrating in the first picture), or pulled up to cover the ears for those cold morning walks. Order one for your pup and for your mom’s dog! Why not? Tons of colors and styles are coming soon, and custom orders are always available. Stay tuned.

terrarium succulents cactus zen plants gardening indie crystals

New D.I.Y. Terrarium Style

Our D.I.Y. Terrarium Kit got a rad new addition! You can now select between the mason jar style, or the hanging ball style, as pictured above. How cool is that? Our kits make super-swell gifts, too!

More winter-wear is on the way, as well as exciting shop news! I can’t wait to share it all with you!


Hare & Anser

The Top 5 Audrey Hepburn Films

I can’t get enough Audrey Hepburn lately. I’ve been holed up, knitting furiously to the gentle romance and the out of this world clothes that somehow only exist in films where she is involved. No matter what character she is playing, she somehow manages to be magnetic. Though some may find an obsession with her trite and something most work through after an attempted Golightly phase following a first viewing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn is undoubtedly a wonderful, iconic actress who left a serious imprint on the film and fashion communities.

And so, here you have it: my ranking of the top five films in which Audrey Hepburn starred. Watch a couple and you’ll definitely be inspired. If anything, it’ll really make you want to work on your posture.

5.) My Fair Lady


Though most people consider Breakfast at Tiffany’s to be an iconic style film, I was always much more taken by the Edwardian fantasies of My Fair Lady. From the grunge-y Marc Jacobs rags of a flower girl to the full-fledged McQueen couture in the second half, this film satisfies all visual needs. No trimming is left unrepresented. Rex Harrison is quite the stick in the mud in this film, but the combination of the Colonel’s grandfatherly quips with Eliza Doolittle’s planet-sized hats are enough to make up for it. At times it feels a bit silly that the whole thing is a musical, and I sometimes wonder what a songless viewing of this movie would be like (the movie is three hours, it’s not like there isn’t length to spare). Regardless, you’ll giggle at Hepburn’s Cockney accent and sigh at the vast quantities of lace.

4.) Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a bit like one of those stunning sugared apple and raspberry tarts you always admire when you walk past that fancy bakery that you are too intimidated to go into (is this just me?): It’s exceptionally crafted and certainly delicious, but at the end of the day you find yourself wishing you were stuffing your mouth with a chocolate doughnut instead. Though it may be pretentious fluff from time to time, Audrey Hepburn is marvelous to watch as Holly Golightly, a character who remains unparalleled on every level. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the perfect little tart of the film universe.

3.) Roman Holiday


Roman Holiday is Audrey Hepburn at her absolute freshest, and it shows. Her excitement is practically tangible as she traipses through Rome. Her talent is still slightly rough around the edges, and that’s what makes this movie, in retrospect, all the more interesting to experience. Just a warning, though: never tell your hair stylist you want her crop from this film. I guarantee it looks good exclusively on the head of Miss Hepburn.

2.) Funny Face


Often neglected, Funny Face is one of Hepburn’s more unique roles. She plays a philosophizing book shop worker who is “discovered” as a model by Fred Astaire, and subsequently whisked away to Paris to take fashion photographs and do interpretive dance in smokey cafes. In many ways, I like to think of this film as more iconic than Breakfast at Tiffany’s, that is to say it is the aforementioned chocolate doughnut in comparison. Hepburn’s character is positively fierce and doesn’t sacrifice her willful and intelligent character even though she is now enrobed in Dior. Dreams do come true…

1.) Sabrina


I hadn’t seen Sabrina until my recent Hepburn binge, actually. Which is probably for the best, because had I seen it as my younger self I would have decided it was unfit due to a lack of costume changes and an overabundance of male characters. Though now, I recognize it is really Hepburn’s most mature and rounded role. The film deals with the incredibly serious themes of suicide, class, and the complications of love beyond the usual “fireworks at first sight” motif films at that time tended to take. And there are dogs. Ultimately, it’s a movie that represents everything that makes Audrey Hepburn the queen she is: elegance, style, kindness, wit, and something slightly sad and very real.

What are your favorite Hepburn films?


The Best Birthday EVER!

black market, east village, nyc

This past weekend, I turned 21 years of age. According to age-old tradition, I should probably still be hungover right now. But I have to admit…I only had one glass of wine. Woops! Nonetheless, I am happy to report I had the single greatest weekend of my life, thanks to the incredible people in my world!

I kicked off the celebration at midnight, heading out to Black Market in the East Village, a.k.a. the best french fries in the East Village…no, in all of New York City…no, in the world. There, I said it. After stuffing my face, I was surprised with cake and friends left and right!

The day of my birthday, I spent traipsing through SoHo with my best friend, coincidentally she is also named Kate. We did the works: bagels, manicures, Project Runway marathon–all capped off with a trip to Eataly where we gorged ourselves on gnocchi and more types of cheese than I can count.

Sunday, Jack and I did more than our fair share of shopping and I was showered with gifts, kisses, and crepes. He put up with me wanting to take the bus everywhere because “I like looking at everything!” (and getting everywhere fifteen minutes later than the train) and introduced me to one of my new favorite places: Mikey Likes It ice cream on Avenue A!

My obnoxiously glittery manicure, which I am not too proud to flaunt.

My obnoxiously glittery manicure, which I am not too proud to flaunt.

I am surprised I came up for air long enough for Kate to snap a picture...(At Eataly)

I am surprised I came up for air long enough for Kate to snap a picture…(At Eataly)

Another surprise cake!! Kate gave me a beautiful and beautifully delicious strawberry shortcake from Veniero's Bakery. Heart eyes!!!

Another surprise cake!! Kate gave me a beautiful and beautifully delicious strawberry shortcake from Veniero’s Bakery. Heart eyes!!!

Late that night, Jack and I heard a knock at the door followed by someone running out of our building. We opened the front door to find this taped to it! We were absolutely dying.

Late that night, Jack and I heard a knock at the door followed by someone running out of our building. We opened the front door to find this taped to it! We were absolutely dying.

I am the lucky recipient of this insanely gorgeous cape! If you want to find me this winter, just look for a woman in a grey tent!

I am the lucky recipient of this insanely gorgeous cape! If you want to find me this winter, just look for a woman in a grey tent!

Jack and I looking fresh at Mikey Likes It!

Jack and I looking fresh at Mikey Likes It!

Needless to say, I am surrounded by absolutely incredible people. This weekend made me so thankful that I have found my way into the lives of some of the world’s biggest babes. I am thrilled to be starting this next year of my life with so much happiness in my universe! The best part is–I know things are only going to get better!

Love love love,