• Goodbye air-conditioning. I knew ye well. And I mean really well. I am currently sitting on top of a vent, with a fan nearby blowing directly on me as I type this. And it’s only 85 degrees out.
  • HELLO using gelato as a personal-cooling system. And fresh bread as a personal-warming system. Basically, just eating anything and everything at all times of day, regardless of being hot or cold.
  • Goodbye to my personal library. I wish I could fill up my luggage with novels and comics and texts, but I am sure that would trigger some sort of TSA signal (which wouldn’t be good after the Great “Why is Your Bag Filled With Disney VHS Tapes?” Scandal of ’04). Someday, I’ll fill endless, beautiful shelves with your volumes, but until then, feel free to launch some Toy Story-esque action in my absence…War and Peace, you’re in charge.
  • HELLO to paintings and texts and songs I have yet to discover. To every portrait I have yet to stand in awe in front of, or every framed document I have yet to trace my fingers over and ponder its importance. To every architectural marvel I will quickly begin to take for granted as I am graced with its presence on a daily basis.
  • Goodbye to my old job. You taught me the true worthlessness of materialism and monetary wealth. I just wish that lesson didn’t come with regular blisters and nine-hour shifts.
  • HELLO to a life where my chief duty will be romanticizing everything. I am officially allowed to daydream about clinging tightly to the jacket of a scruffy, mysterious man I just met as his Vespa careens through the countryside on the way t Monte Carlo.
  • Goodbye Riley, my sweet little puppy, with your floppy ear and weird limpy leg. I’ll miss you and the bandanas you tolerate to humor me, your unabashed pushiness when it comes to dinnertime, and how warm and squishy you are wrapped up in a blanket next to me. I can only hope you are able to recognize my voice over the phone. But no time for chit-chat on those international calls, chiquita–that shit’s expensive.
  • HELLO to everyone I will meet. Every unexpected friend or teacher, every cross old woman who frowns at my all-too-obvious American ways, and everyone who I smile at along the street. Bongiorno.
  • Goodbye Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I slowly grew to love your distinctiveness that I once claimed to loathe. Your niches and neighborhoods and people all read like lines on my palm. Someday, I know I’ll return and see the rink, the rivers, my brother’s room, the house with the wrought-iron gate, and look at each one with a smirk that hides how fast my heart is beating.
  • HELLO Firzene, Italia.

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