Miss Foo Goes to Disney World

This past weekend, I went to Walt Disney World.

Unlike  most people who were raised in middle-class America, I did not go to Disney World repeatedly as a child and roam around the park with a plastic tiara on. It had always been a concept closer to a dream than a reality. Yet, despite my excessive romanticizing, when I walked through the gates of Magic Kingdom for the first time on Friday night, I was grinning so wide it was painful.

You can feel free to inform me that I am a deluded nutjob who needs to accept the fact that just because someone has a pink dress and a cute crown on doesn’t mean they are a real princess. Yet, I felt innately magical and wonderful and happy. When Mickey Mouse hugged me, I felt warm and silly so much I wanted to cry.

Naturally, it couldn’t have been a Kate Foo experience without various snags. I was trapped in the Carousel of Progress and marooned on Tom Sawyer Island for extensive lengths of time, and I made a comment to Aladdin about having a John Stamos haircut that left me searching for the nearest brick I could use to tie to my ankle and then jump in the lake.

But in the end? It was perfect. The entire experience was very bittersweet…I’m at a time in my life where everything is about to change. I’m growing up and heading out on my own…And something about that contrasting with holding my mother’s hand as I wait to meet Cinderella puts a weight in my chest.

But maybe it was all just Disney’s evil powers at work.

For the record, Cinderella personally instructed me as to how to do the “Princess Pose.”

The lovely Tomoko helping me get fitted in my kimono.

Cinderella’s Castle at ten minutes to midnight…

Obligatory tourist picture that I wasn’t even ashamed to take. Why? Because I LOVE DISNEY WORLD!

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3 thoughts on “Miss Foo Goes to Disney World

    • Thank you!! It’s really such a cool place, isn’t it?
      And I’m glad you like the pictures! I let my mom have the camera for the most part, and when I checked the pictures later, half of them were of the ground…but I’m lucky to have taken a few cool shots!

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