Wednesdays Suck: Vol. 14

What is crackin’ my amigos? Feels like a long time since I posted one of these bad boys. Yet, aside from the purchase of these Shoes of the Gods and an official Hannah Montana tour t-shirt (courtesy of Goodwill) my life is pretty much the same. Yes, I am still counting down every second leading up to my move to Italy, but I am managing to kill the time by meticulously planning my first-ever trip to DisneyWorld next weekend! Details most certainly to follow. For now, enjoy some linkage:

by Caitlin Shearer.

  • This read about the life/work/ethics of a professional photo re-toucher is very interesting. The writer seems almost numb to the point of being un-biased in regards to the mass Photoshopping that goes on in modern media. Yet, do you think any of the points he presents are truly valid? Should we continue to ask the media to present more realistic images?
  • “Jane Austen Geek” definitely should have been an option on that flowchart, non? For all of you Austen addicts, enjoy “Jane Austen’s World.”
  • I don’t care what you think, I adore Yoko Ono. I think she is one of the most genuine human beings and I admire her endless strength and passion. If you hate on her, just read “25 Things Even My Best Friends Didn’t Know Until Now” and then tell me you don’t want to give her a hug.
  • Want one simply way to make your life infinitely more awesome? Learn how to win rock, paper, scissors every time.
  • Are you happy?

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