Soldier Jane

dress // vintage

scarf // chanel

earrings // forever 21

watch // citizen

shoes // dr. martens

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9 thoughts on “Soldier Jane

      • Oh, I’ve known all about this for years. Nothing super scary, that’s cool. He wants to worship an alien of some sort, by all means. I’ve had too many good times where his music was in the soundtrack of my life. As long as he keeps using those two turntables and his microphone, and doesn’t pressure me to buy a copy of any book before he’ll let me hear is records, then that’s where It’s at.

      • I, strangely, have to concur. “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” is practically the Kate Foo national anthem (well…Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the unfortunate bane of my existence so I suppose it only makes sense).

        Anyway, I’m just going to carry on feeling completely unashamed in my mocking of Scientology at the risk of potentially going to hell.

      • By all means, do. It’s only Scientology hell. That’s only gotta be as bad as Jewish purgatory or something. No Biggie.

        How is a movie the bane of your existence? How do I get to live the life where the worst thing off about it is a movie?

      • Har har har. Okay, perhaps I worded that incorrectly. Let’s just think of it in the sense that I am cursed to react to that film the same way most women are wired to react to The Notebook.

        To answer the second part of the question, I imagine you could take a life-switching potion with M. Night Shyamalan.

      • Ah. So you freak out and get super swoon-y to the thought of “Eternal Sunshine of the Name’s Too Long.” I got ya.

        I would rather deal with every crappy bit of my life with 10X intensity than to take responsibility for “Lady in the Water.” No thanks.

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