Style Tips: July 6th 2012

It’s been unbearably, excruciatingly hot lately. When it’s so sticky, it’s hard to find the motivation to do anything. Hell, I’ve been using my kitchen floor as my desk. I nearly forgot to put on pants when the mailman rang the bell the other day. Most of my meals have consisted of cold cereal. You get the picture. Here are a few ideas that beat watching Cheers re-runs or sitting in front of an open freezer.

  • Pick up a newspaper one day and read it from front to back. Head to a restaurant or bar and talk to anyone who will listen about what you read.
  • ¬†You know what lovely place with air conditioning to rival the grocery store? An art museum. After work, take a stroll through a gallery and really look at the art. Pick the most ridiculous “I could make that with my eyes closed!” piece and for once, honestly consider the meaning behind it.
  • I think everyone should have a trademark. I have a Vivienne Westwood ring I invested in, and I wear it every day. Whether it’s a beautiful bag or a killer collection of bowties, what would yours be? Take a few minutes to think about a style staple you want to incorporate. Maybe even start saving for that necklace or sportcoat, non?
  • Start a private tumblr exclusively for posting/re-blogging pictures that inspire you and push you towards your goals. It can be part journal, part record book, part motivation board. As long as it’s 100% for you!
  • See a movie you would normally roll your eyes at the thought of spending $8.00 on. Or maybe you secretly thought it looked fabulous, but you know all of your friends have too big of a stick up their ass to acknowledge its existence and go with you? Go anyway! Exhibit A: I saw the Katy Perry movie at midnight the other night and I am now proclaiming it to the internet: It was wonderful.
  • When all else fails, buy a blow-up kiddie pool, set it up wherever you have the space, and enjoy the satisfaction that anyone side-eying you is not enjoying the life of luxury.


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