Wednesdays Suck: Vol. 5

It seems like just a week ago I was posting Wayne’s World .GIFs and expecting all of you guys to be as excited about my kick-ass week as I was…Anyway, I hope life is treating you well. Might I add that you look lovely today.

  • Like most people between the ages of 1 and 99, I am wont to say “Oh, yeah, I watch Saturday Night Live!” And like most people, by that statement I actually mean “Oh, yeah, I watch it sometimes when I remember it exists.” Despite its cultural significance, the show seems to have lost the edge and relevance it once held. This article takes a look at SNL past and present, and how the show needs to change if it hopes to live up to its reputation.
  • Via the Los Angeles Times: “Today’s anarchists are just brats in black” Though I think it’s unfair to assume the intellectual/political motives of each individual in such large movements, there is certainly a valid underlying argument. That, and Emma Goldman is my hero.

How many of you would watch this if it was actually a thing? I know I would be all over this! Get on it, BBC!

  • THIS IS RAD. I haven’t used that word to describe anything in a long time, but this is officially rad. Check it out: 8-Bit Radiohead.
  • If you’re looking for something creative, simple, and refrigerator-cleaning to cook this week. Try this recipe for Pasta with peas and parsley-walnut pesto (and then bring me some).
  • For the gents…Summer Fashion for Men. A fantastically cut and dry article that covers just about everything. Though, if you want to avoid looking like a douche, please don’t heed any advice on the “male gladiators.” Ever.

You probably would rather not know the noises that just came out of my mouth.

What’s crackin’ with you fine people this week? Any exciting news? Any grand goals? What’s up?

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One thought on “Wednesdays Suck: Vol. 5

  1. I’ve been on a weird kick of 8-bit music for awhile now. Thanks for the full albums worth. 8-bit “Airbag” sounds like it could start some bitchin’ version an early Final Fantasy game set mid 90′s West L.A. somewhere.

    And you are right. Those canyons in Arizona totally look worth the trip.

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