Kate’s Six Rules for Life

1. Set Goals

Right now, think of one thing you want to accomplish this month. This year? In five years? In ten? It’s important to keep a clear focus on what we want out of life, both short and long term. Give yourself a reason to wake up tomorrow, and a life to look forward to. Don’t let the size or stature of your goals intimidate you. Yes, it is going to take a lot of jiu-jitsu lessons to get around Dave Grohl’s security guards and finally get that high-five, and yes, it is totally cool if all you want out of life is to remember to wear matching socks. As long as it’s meaningful to you, then go for it.

2. Don’t Complicate Things

It’s human nature to over-think every decision we make, or analyze someone’s words to a point where they become hollow. I challenge you to think of the last time something good came out of that. We’re naturally too afraid to go after what we want for a fear of being hurt, rejected, or perceived as selfish. The truth is? The universe usually wants to be happy. It’s not setting that happiness out on a platter to taunt you; it’s there for you to take. Don’t scare yourself into thinking you need to lie or manipulate your way to it. Live simply and honestly. The feeling of regret will always outweigh the feeling of rejection.

3. Never Stop Learning

I bet you could name at least three people you know who haven’t read a book since they were last given a “required reading” list. Don’t be that guy. Learning doesn’t have to be sitting at a desk or listening to a lecture. Read the entire Sunday paper. Watch a documentary about something you’ve always secretly thought was cool. Look to someone you admire and ask them if they would like to get coffee and just talk. I promise you there won’t be a pop quiz after.

4. Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Happy

No one is forcing you to keep hanging out with that one friend who makes you miserable. You won’t be evicted if you decide you don’t want to go on a third date with that guy who is, frankly, a total jerk. And you most likely aren’t going to hell if you fake sick so you don’t have to go to your aunt’s birthday dinner at which her favorite activity is criticizing what you have(n’t) done with your life. Seek out people who make you better and spend more time with them. Look for people who are already in your life that make you smile every day and hold on to those relationships as hard as you can.

5. Stop Wasting Time

Did you know if you took all the time you have spent playing Angry Birds and combined it, you probably could have used that time to write War and Peace two times over? That is a completely accurate fact backed 100% by science. Anyway. Yeah, we’re all guilty of this, and frankly, there is no way around it. There are times when we need to just relax and appreciate doing absolutely nothing, and every now and then, that’s fine and dandy. However, it’s those times where you are mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and all you can think is “Wow…I should be reading that book I bought today…” or “Wasn’t I going to go for a run earlier?” that you can definitely do without. It won’t hurt, I swear. …Okay, maybe it will hurt a little, but your life will thank you.

6. Discover What You Love; Do What You Love

Imagine waking up every morning and realizing you get to spend the rest of your life doing something that makes you feel incredible. Doesn’t it bother you that so many people respond to that with a “Psssh, yeah. I wish.” ? Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to find a career, a job, or a hobby that gives your life purpose? Hint: You do. It’s not idealistic. It’s not stupid. This is the rest of your life we are talking about here. Never settle. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER settle. Ever.

7. Eat Nutella

On everything.

What are your rules for life?

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3 thoughts on “Kate’s Six Rules for Life

  1. Well put. My blog was my first goal. Updating more frequently is still on the ‘to do’ list. Props on the Dave Grohl thing too. Know that if you do accomplish your martial arts laden high five that there would be one very jealous internet stranger in the world. At least if you get it before I do.

    • Ah, ye olde “blog more” is the most difficult goal of all time. I don’t know why, but it just is.
      I won’t let myself die until the Dave Grohl high-five is accomplished. Though, I am beginning to consider it might just be easier to become an Academy Award winning actress and then just invite him over to my private island, high-five him, and then send him on his way.
      Either way, let’s certainly keep each other posted on our respective Operation: Dave Grohl’s.

      • Your right. It is. I don’t understand it. Try losing weight, or learn to fly a helicopter, or become Prime Minister of some barely known Scandinavian country, fine. Whatever. I’m sure it will happen soon enough. Ask me to write about some crazy guy I met on the bus in a timely fashion, and you have shown yourself to me to be a slave driver with a lust for proof of other people’s lack of determination that can never be satisfied. For shame. But on who? I don’t know.

        And as for the quest for Dave, which I am calling “Operation Stacked Actors”, not only will I keep you in the loop, but you’ve actually given me an idea for a post. Thank you. Projected posting date: Oct 2013

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